Space based computing (SBC) is an innovative and powerful concept for the coordination of autonomous processes. It is based on the notion of a common, abstract space connecting distributed processing entities over a network. Instead of explicitly exchanging messages between individual processes or performing remote procedure calls, processes communicate and coordinate themselves by simply reading and writing distributed data structures in a shared space. Synchronization is carried out through the access of data in space which might block if the denoted data are not yet here. Processes interact in a data driven way supporting event-driven architecture concepts. This leads to a decoupling of all participants concerning time, space and reference. The space inherently offers the advantages of reliable communication, transactions, asynchrony, near-time event notification, scalability and availability.

A space offers a high level abstraction for developers hiding complexity that otherwise would be reflected in the application code thus reducing development time and costs in distributed applications. It offers a lean application programming interface but nevertheless exhibits a high expressiveness.

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